Crystal Descriptions

These Crystal descriptions are basic, and a window into the power & healing the crystals offer.

We will update this regularly as inventory changes, and are always happy to share & teach more about the magic~

Agate- Calming and soothing~Helps to release limitations.
Flower Agate- Joyous creativity, Opening to expansion.
Amazonite- Balances male and female energies. Soothes the nervous system. Enhances Divine Feminine energy. Good for deflecting electromagnetic energy.
Amethyst- Stone of Higher Guidance and Spirituality. Connects one to higher self.
Chevron Amethyst/Banded Amethyst- opens & activates the 6th & 7th chakras. Opening to intuition, Higher guidance & Higher wisdom.
Ametrine- Citrine & Amethyst that naturally grow together. Brings the light of joy while seeking higher truths. Stone of the high Priestess, opens to abundance.
Angelite (Blue)- Stone of the angels. Greatest Healer of the mineral kingdom. Heals and absorbs pain on all levels.
Angelite (Purple)- Healing alliances with soul and higher self~ Can have calcite and epidote inclusions.
Apatite (Blue)- Psychic Activation, Access to knowledge. Enhances one’s ability to see multiple levels of consciousness operating harmoniously. Good for past life work.
Apophyllite- Stone of Joy! Uplifts one’s spirit! Brings light and opens one up to their spirit guides.
Aquamarine- Stone of the Goddess. Carries a strong energy of water- allowing emotional flow, enhancing courage and Divinity.
*Aragonite- Balances one’s energy field, renewed strength and confidence, great for releasing subconsciously held tensions relating to past emotional wounds.
Aventurine- Opens, heals, and helps one to follow their heart’s desire.
Azeztulite (comes in a variety of colors)- Golden Azeztulite~Golden Himalayan Quartz – Enhance Empowerment, Joy & a deepening sense of ‘As Above, So Below’.
*Azurite- Enhances Insight, Vision, Intellect and intuition.
Black Tourmaline- Most protective stone in the mineral kingdom. Deflects negative energy. Breaks blockages of energy. Great for clearing emt-electricity, cell phones and computers etc. Holds no negativity.
Bloodstone- Healing negativity within “blood” family.
Calcite- Cleansing, Enhances clarity, and balance. Opens clear communication. (The different color calcites relate to the different chakras)
Caribbean Calcite- Balance, communication, joy.
Mangano Calcite- Soothing and nurturing the heart
Septarian Calcite- Enhances Grounded Empowerment, clearing of unprocessed emotion, snake like healing.
Carnelian- A stone of creativity and a great energy booster! Great for awakening one’s passion, inner fire and creativity.
Celestite- A heavenly stone connecting to angelic kingdom. Brings peace and enhances dreaming and visioning.
Chrysocolla- Communication, Goddess energy, Expressions of the sacred, Opening to power and gentleness. A wonderous water energy.
Chrysophrase- Opening the heart to new healing, forgiveness and compassion.
Citrine- The prosperity stone. Lifts negativity, lifts one’s resonance. Holds no negativity.
Desert Diamonds (“Pakimers”)- A quartz that grows in shape and resonance much like Herkimer Diamonds. Holds the energy of amplifying and aligning one’s Visions and Dreams.
Dumortierite (“Blue Quartz”)- Opens to inner guidance, Mental discipline and divine inspiration touched by psychic ability. Helps to feel a sense of connection and belonging.
Emerald- A wonderful emotional healer, opening one to Compassion, Trust and Acceptance.
Epidote- Stone of empowerment. Releases negativity. Helps embrace positive patterns. Attracts more of what desires, in accordance with one’s highest good.
Fluorite- Balances the right and left brain hemispheres. Clarity. Focus. Mental peace. Great for attaining new information. Great for one’s vision- physically & metaphysically.
Fushite/Kyanite- A magical synergy of healing the heart while balancing and cleansing one’s energy field.
Garnet- A grounding stone that propels positive action. Commits you to your higher purpose. Enhances feelings of safety & security.
Girasol- The stone between Quartz and Opal. A soft healing, nurturing energy that assists in lifting the veils of illusion.
Hematite- Very grounding! (A type of iron)Good for strengthening one’s blood flow
Iolite- Opens intuition and enhances visioning. Brings acceptance of responsibility. Opens to shamanic journeying.
Iolite with Sunstone- Opens to inner vision, courage and leadership. Makes it possible for one to move powerfully towards the actualization of their dreams.
Jasper- A stone with great variety, grounding and healing. Brings vitality and a stabilization of one’s energies.
Kunzite- Stone of Divine love. The highest frequency of love in the mineral kingdom. Enhancing empowerment and dissolving negativity.
Kyanite- A balancing and clearing stone. Balances and clears all chakras simultaneously. Brings balance to one’s environment and can clear other crystals. Holds no Negativity.
Green Kyanite- Holds a wonderful energy of Hope and of healing, connecting to the truth of the heart.
Labradorite- Stone Of Magic and Mysticism. Strengthens psychic and intuitive abilities. Brings a gentle, mist like protective energy.
Lapis Lazuli– A stone of ancient wisdom that opens awareness to the mystical realms. Wonderful for opening ones third eye- Connecting to intuition and psychic information
Larimar (the Dolphin Stone)- Comes only from the Dominican Republic. A Wonderful water healing energy.
Larvikite– Grounded Magic and transformation. Mystical opening to your truer self.
Lepidolite (Mica)- “Prozac of the mineral kingdom”- Contains natural lithium. Nurturing, calming, balancing. Assists in releasing anxiety.
Yellow Lepidolite- A similar function with greater focus on one’s solar plexus- (3rd chakra), center of power, emotions.
Malachite- A wonderful and powerful healer of the heart. A wise teacher. Brings deeper levels of self to conscious awareness. Brings emotions to the surface to be processed and healed.
Moonstone- Stone of creativity and nourishment. A gentle feminine energy. Heightens intuitive awareness. Balances the female hormonal system, while connecting to goddess like energies.
Rainbow Moonstone- Wonderful for clearing the emotional body and can be used to heal emotional trauma.
Peach moonstone- Focus on Creative Aspects.
Green Moonstone- Focus on energies of the heart.
Black Moonstone- Brings a more grounded energy. Opening to working with the dark side of the moon.
*Chocolate Moonstone (India)- Balancing masculine & feminine, harmony & intuition
Mookaite Jasper- A powerful healer, incredibly nurturing. Assists in healing and breaking generational belief systems and old family patterns.
Nuummite- The Sorcerer’s stone. A great stone of traveling to the core of oneself, integrating different aspects of self.
Ocean Jasper- A healing, feminine energy. Enhances fluidity and calm. Clears toxins from the body- Very cleansing and purifying.
Onyx- Brings inner strength, Enhances discipline, willpower and reason
Opal (Green)- Opens, activates and enhances both the heart chakra and the solar plexus- center of feeling, power and abundance.
Opal (Chocolate)- Opening to expansion
Opal (Pink)- Expansion, Nurturing the heart.
Peridot- Promotes balance and assists in integration and Healing. Opens to feelings of wellbeing and inner warmth.
Petrified Wood- Transformation and multi layered ancestral healing. Grounding and nurturing, it can also assist in past life recall and in personal growth processes.
Polychrome Jasper- A wonderful healing, nurturing, playful energy. Helps to see the richness of oneself and life, while connecting and opening to the wisdom of the soul.
Prehnite w/epidote- A Faery stone that brings a harmonious, healing energy. Connects one to the divine, while bringing protection and a soft groundedness.
Pyrite “Fools Gold”- The warriors Shield. Assists in developing masculine energy, strength, willpower, creativity and manifestation.
Quartz- An Amplifier of Energy. Amplifies your hearts desires while bringing balance and alignment.
Quartz with Chlorite Phantoms- A self-healing energy-Helps to process and release hidden rage and anger, while cleansing and purifying the heart. Enhances Regeneration and connection with the Earth and Nature spirits. Good for healing growths and tumors.
Quartz- Elestial Quartz- Transforms and transforms energy patterns, information and love from the Other realms. Absorbs, transforms and transmutes negativity.
Quartz- Lemurian Quartz – Quartz crystal with striations that holds access to knowledge and wisdom of Lemuria. Can open doorways to one’s greater journey, one’s soul path, opening up to the more of who you truly are. ~Only from the Diamantina Region in Brazil~
Quartz W/Green Tourmaline- Quartz amplifies the green tourmaline, which is a wonderful healer of the heart. Helps with wholeness, growth and expansion.
Quartz w/Rutile- (Rutilated quartz) Amplifies the crystal’s energy. Assists in Amplification, acceleration and grounding Manifestation. (The world wide web of the crystal kingdom).
Quartz (Hematoid)- Quartz w/iron- Grounding, clearing, aligning.
Quartz Seed Crystals- Seeding new hopes, visions &dreams.
Quartz (Laser Quartz)- A unique quartz that comes only from the Diamantina region of Brazil (like Lemurians) and has a focused and directional healing energy, wonderful for moving and shifting energy.
Quartz w/Pink Tourmaline- Healing the heart.
Quartz w/Black Tourmaline- Enhancing protection, grounding & clearing.
Quartz (Fire Lemurian)- Transformation, soul connection, creativity.
Rose Quartz- Stone of love and emotional healing. Opens to and enhances self love, self acceptance and a deepening relationship with one’s emotions.
Rhodonite- Healing Insecurities, Lifts beyond self limited beliefs
Ruby- Stone of Empowerment and abundance at a core level. Opens and enhances one’s Life force energy, passion, strength and courage.
Ruby w/ Kynanite- All the Magic of Ruby, while enhancing greater communication, and aligning/clearing all chakras.
Ruby w/ Fuchsite- A Magical Synergy, Brings heart connection, enhances core of power, perseverance and a connection to life itself.
Ruby Zoisite- A magnificent stone to deepen a sense of Abundance, Vitality , Passion & Healing. Wonderful for amplifying Gratitude.
Sardonyx (Green)- A stone of Virtue, Honesty & Strength of character.
Scolecite- Stone of Inner peace and Inner Harmony
Selenite- Holds and clears space for purification. Balances the spine & temporal lobes. Good for one’s sleep and dreaming. Holds no negativity. Can clear other crystals
Serpentine- A powerhouse healing stone that breaks up energy blockages in the body. A snake like motion that can assist in shedding old skin and in activating kundalini energy
Smokey Quartz- Stone of Loyalty & Commitment. Grounding, Clearing. Promotes Patience
Shiva Lingham- Sacred to the Hindu tradition, from the Narmada River in India, This powerful healer Balances masculine and feminine energies, is good for fertility, rebirth, is grounding and absorbs negativity. Wonderful for opening to the wisdom and journey of the soul.
Stilbite- Stone of Mystery and creativity. A gentle energy that helps one to open their heart and become more emotionally open and vulnerable. Often grows with Apophyllite.
Sunstone- Stone of leadership, joy, benevolence and creativity. Brings freedom, warms and stimulates the emotional body.
Tiger’s Eye – Brings protection and confidence. Enhances focus and clarity of sight. Also brings discernment, strength and practicality



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