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Tobias & Alysha CrystalS

started off as a hobby business over 22 years ago by founders Michael Crisp and Steve Parrish. Their love and passion for the crystal kingdom made them highly desirable consultants for crystal buyers of all kinds. During the early years of Tobias & Alysha, Michael developed two sales departments for Southern California wholesale companies and Steve was consistently consulted for his vast knowledge and experience with crystals. During this time they both maintained the hobby business as a source of fun, friendship and magic. Since then, Tobias & Alysha Crystals has grown to be a full fledged wholesale business serving California and beyond.


Sadly, Michael left the planet late in 2014. He is remembered. He is missed.


At the end of 2021 Steve decided to retire from the crystal business and continue on to wonderful new adventures.


Michael & Steve with their magic & beauty will always be a part of who we are.


Shelli Berman, a dear friend who was a Sales Rep for Tobias & Alysha Crystals for many years, and a business partner since 2015, received the honor of being the sole proprietor and keeper of this magical kingdom.


It is our vision and dream to create a space that is rooted in magic and in spirituality, to shepherd crystals into the world and connect them with their keepers. We have a profound love and respect for the mineral kingdom – it’s Beauty, Magic, Power and ability to bring Healing and greater Love and Joy into the world.

We moved to a beautiful new space in Hollywood Ca in January 2022 and love serving our customers here. It is our joy and our honor to teach about crystals and support our customers in their visions and dreams and in deepening their own relationship with their spirituality.


We serve retail stores of a great variety-

healers, designers, yoga studios and all crystal lovers.

Our collection is vast and includes everything from tumbled stones to large and unique, one of a kind crystals from all over the world. It is our philosophy to not carry any material that is heated, treated or dyed. Out of love and respect for the crystals when new shipments are received all crystals go through a unique cleaning and clearing process.


We also hold healing, channeling and mediumship workshops.


Please call (310) 313-2323 or email us at info@tobiasalysha.com for more information.

Zoom & Facetime appointments also available.


We look forward to meeting you, serving you and creating magic with you.



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